Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Designer Spot Light

You can really meet some amazing people on the infamous "Twitter".I had the pleasure of tweeting a fellow indie jewelry designer by the name of, Jennifer Morris.Read more about her:

When the store was established:
I sold shirts and bags with a friend in 2004. bumblesea was launched as an independant project in 2006.
What materials you prefer to work with: I love silver. if I screw something up I can melt it down and start again. it's a very forgiving material to work with.
What kind of inspiration you draw on: the majority of my work resembles flora or fauna. unusual plants are my main obsession. I have a pair of scissors in my purse so I can take clippings of any plants I like so I can start a cloned plant at home.
What is in the future for your company: my goal for the next few weeks is to launch a new acrylic jewelry line. once that's taken care of I'd like to start a second boutique to carry items made by other artists and designers. I've met so many talented people while working on bumblesea, and promoting my own work day after day is less than inspiring sometimes.
How is your store going today: bumblesea is doing well. I just relaunched about a month ago and I've already gotten some great press and snagged some interviews.

Store contact info: http://bumblesea.com/

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