Friday, July 17, 2009

Designer Spot Light Leondra Renee

I had the pleasure of not only meeting but working with this amazing new comer to the fashion world Leondra Renee.Read more about her:

Leondra Renee Clothing Line:

Tell me about your craft/mediums. My craft is constructing ready to wear pieces which consists mainly of draped looks.

Why do you love your particular mediums?
The one thing I love about working with draped looks is using knit fabrics. The great thing about this fabric is that it contours with the body accenting your best feature and also providing comfort. I also enjoy contrasting colors whether it be mixing and matching fabrics or working with dye baths.

-My influences come from the world around me.. I am especially influenced by music and movies from the past.

-All of my work can be found on my website .
-I am currently employed full time in the jewelry industry. One of my favorite hobbies includes roller skating.

-“Handmade Movement” to me means a large group of creative individuals designing/creating unique products the old fashion way. i.e without the use of computers

-The space I spend my time creating is in my apartment. I have sectioned off a small space in my studio apartment where I can drape on the dress form or create looks on the computer. Since I started draping I have somehow accumulated more fabric than I need. So I have been adjusting my work.

- I have so many favorite handmade pieces but if I had to pick one item it would be any kind of one of kind scarves.

- The most supportive would have to be my family. They each have their own way of motivating me when I feel like giving up.

Leondra Renee

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