Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Designer Rocks Los Angeles

Its an honor to do a blog feature on my dear friend Heather..We've crashed many red carpet events together and now its time that the big bucks roll in!!!Read more about the Designer below:

1.) How long have you been designing clothes?

I have been designing since August of 2006...when I held my very first show... But I've been sketching out ideas since I was young.

2.) What inspires you to create the pieces of clothing that you bring to life?

I mainly work with recycled vintage clothing.... I usually just start draping and then seeing what I come up with. Or random ideas just pop into my head as I'm redoing the garment. The other line I want to launch is based on my muse, Tom R and the slogans for my t-shirts are from conversations my friend, Carl and I have had.

3.) Can you compare any clothing brands to your own?

Not at the moment.....

4.) Other than your own fashions, what brands do you wear?

I like Forever 21, other vintage finds, H&M, etc...

6.) What's your ultimate favorite pair of heels?

When I can afford them---- Louboutins and YSLs and maybe some Manolos......

7.) Did you ever think your clothing was going to be such a success?

Yes and no.....

8.) I know designing and creating a name for your brand could be a challenge -- trust I know -- How did you come over complications on your road to success?

It depends because I'm not "there" yet.... It's been hard..... I have no investors at this time, so I'm having to pay for everything myself..... I don't have an adequate machine and form, so I have to venture over to the Sewing Lounge in Burbank, which is a Godsend. I can utilize the space and equipment. I'm trying to get my name out there, I've been in several shows, thanks to Parris Harris, so I hope I can keep continuing on to newer and bigger shows.

9.) Have you always been a fashionista?

I'd say yes, for the most part. A fashionista in my own unique way.... I definitely dressed differently in school and was the "odd-ball" of the bunch..... but I'd say that now that I'm on my own in LA, I've developed a better sense of style.

10.) What can we expect from you in the future?

You can expect to see more fashion shows, hopefully selling in boutiques, my other line being launched.....

I have a blog:, which I cover other fashion events in California..... and as far as pictures of my designs....... you can facebook me...they are all on there.....


  1. Oh yes and I plan on "crashing" more red carpets :) Thank you so much Tina!!!

  2. This fashion has led British fashion and indeed women's fashion, I love her designs.

    Actually I'm a fashion stylist with huge for clothes and i love vintage more thing's, like sandals etc.

    also love styling for clothes and other things that may i can do.

    Thank you so much for posting this blog.