Sunday, May 10, 2009

Introducing Singer Songwriter Destenee

Destenee In .CGH. Cowgirl Heaven.
An incredibly gifted pianist, guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and producer, Destenee's talent and ambition were ultimately too large for the young artist to stay in the small town of Winchester Massachusetts. Since moving to Los Angeles, she has learned to appreciate and value her diverse roots. Alternately weaving a myriad of emotions into her ingenious compositions, the 18 year old crafts an exceptional journey that is explored in her highly anticipated debut album.
Her powerful and sultry voice and her amazing piano and guitar performances are truly outstanding on her popular songs "I Can't Get Over You", "Money Can't Buy Us Everything", and the super hot singles "Come and Get Me" and "Free". "My music has elements from various genres," she says. "I've been messing around with the piano for as long as I can remember and my guitar I take as many places as I can so I have something to work with when a song strikes. When I was little, my mom and relatives listened to a whole bunch of different kinds of music, and I'm sure that rubbed off on me." Destenee and her band, led by acclaimed music director Stacey Lamont Sydnor, have been touring with the acclaimed S.E.A.P. and "The School Tour", enchanting high school and college audiences throughout the United States with a high-powered dance and acoustic show. Her exquisite dancing abilities, choreographed by renowned creative director Troy Cornett, rivals the best in the business.
A recipient of the 2007 LV Music Awards Best Vocalist and Artist of the Year, Destenee's talent is buzzing through the entertainment industry. She's landed gigs alongside Brian McKnight, Pink, and Sean Paul to name a few, and her upcoming European tour will set the standard for the superstar status that awaits her! Destenee is making history by reinventing how music is made. She does not hesitate in combining sounds, genres, while captivating audiences of all ages. Destenee is now ready to share her fresh new and exciting style with the world! Join her journey and fulfill your Destenee.

=Stay tuned for Destenee's release of her New Single:

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